Michigan Clean Fuel Standard

A clean fuel standard provides incentives for the deployment and production of lower carbon transportation fuels. This program is funded by making the polluters pay for their emissions. The result is a dependable market for cleaner fuels with cleaner air, reliable clean transportation jobs and lower fuel costs.

A clean fuel standard will:

Create good-paying jobs and direct investment in Michigan
Secure Michigan's continued leadership in automotive technology
Increase access to healthy, homegrown transportation fuels

Enacting a Clean Fuel Standard

On April 12, 2023, a bill to implement a clean fuel standard in Michigan was announced. The bill would establish a clean fuel standard that will decrease the carbon intensity of fuels in Michigan by 25% by 2035.

The target applies to the entire value chain of transportation fuels. Credits are earned by producing cleaner fuels in Michigan, generating or using cleaner electricity for transportation, using renewable fuels to replace traditional sources, or by decarbonizing fossil fuels.

Legislative Timeline

Bill Introduction
April 2023
Senate Bill is sponsored by Senator Singh with Co-sponsors
October 2023
House Bill is sponsored by Representative Andrews with Co-sponsors
Senate Committee Hearing:
Date TBA
Senate Floor:
Date TBA
House Committee Hearing:
Date TBA
House Floor:
Date TBA
Governor’s Action:
Date TBA

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